A Free Masterclass With The UK’s Leading Biohacker, Tim Gray

Discover The 3 Missing Steps for Optimal Health

In just 60 minutes you'll uncover:
  • The secret to finally getting a good night’s sleep
  • Why most people are actually dehydrated, and the hydration protocol to fix this
  • How nature can help dramatically reduce stress levels through ancient science and wisdom
This Masterclass will be LIVE on Tuesday 5th September at 6PM BST:
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  Impacted 4.7 Million People

  Studied 180+ Books on This Topic

  Invested $750k In Education


Introducing: The Health Optimisation Masterclass

In this 60-minute masterclass you'll discover:
  • The essence of proper sleep and its impact on other areas of our overall health that your doctor won't tell you
  • ​Why drinking more water can actually dehydrate you (yes, seriously) and how to ensure you are properly hydrated every day
  • ​How we can harness nature in our daily lives to make us feel more awake, alive and present, and reduce stress levels
  • ​Why when you eat your food is just as important as what you eat
  • ​Why salt is actually one of the best things you can supplement with if you want to achieve optimal health and hydration
+ A 3-minute breathwork exercise you can use every day for improved mental clarity and focus.

Your masterclass teacher

Tim Gray

Tim is a recognised leader in the health and wellbeing space and was named ‘The UK’s Leading Biohacker’.

As the founder of the single largest health summit in Europe, and the 432,000 people-strong Instagram community, Tim has helped thousands of people transform their health with simple yet profound changes to their diet, habits and lifestyle.

Having interviewed over 70+ specialists in the field, studied over 180 books and invested over $750k into optimising his own health – Tim is an authority when it comes to holistic human health. 


We Got Answers!

When it comes to health, we know there are many questions our there and lots of conflicting advice.


What people say about Tim’s work

"Applicable and logical"

Tim has a wealth of biohacking knowledge, combined with a sense of wisdom that’s both applicable and logical.

To say I’m impressed with Tim’s understanding of ancestral wisdom, biohacking, and reversing any of today’s autoimmune disorders is an understatement.
Voted World's #1 
Personal Trainer

"Changes things"

In the course of only a few years, Tim has created a community and platform that challenges the way we think about wellness and longevity. Because of his own struggles with health, Tim has become passionate about creating a space where unbiased reviews of cutting edge tools and therapies can coexist with information about ancestral wisdom and old-fashioned healthy living practices.
Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine Physician 

"Always helping out"

Having healed himself through a mixture of techniques, Tim is a self-made example and a beacon for information around how we can use technology and natural methods to remedy and improve our health. 

He presents his research and thoughtful opinions well and is always trying to help people access information as much as possible.
Founder, BodyweightGurus®

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